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    Product Name:High Vacuum metalized machine(Suspension type)

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    1, leading suspension coating design, coating located between two rollers, no empty line when evaporation (especially for CPP, OPP, PE shrink film and so on).

    2 The industrys leading coating speed, allowing you to greatly increase productivity.

    3 Convenient and easy in the baffler design, top-mounted clip-boat, tray cleaning, greatly improving the efficiency of cleaning equipment.

    4 Vacuum sealed Roots pumping system, NO oil spills or leaks and other problems in shaft (industry first).

    5 Have EPC system in unwinding unit, can also use to dislocation treatment.

    6 Evaporation tank, moveable baffler are integration equipment, No leak.

    7 Can be equipped with online thickness check system, coating uniformity easier to control.


    1 vacuum chamber: Rectangular, 1/4 structure, unwinding and rewinding roller at same side.

    2 Coating forms: Suspension type, evaporation boat heating.

    3 Winding system

    Height and angle can adjustable curved roller.

    Power bus control, unwinding feedback power, effectively saving energy.

    4 Evaporation System

    Top clamping evaporation boat, staggered distribution, evaporation uniform, high evaporation efficiency, quick change boat, easy to clean.

    Stepping wire feeding system, the system can adjust wire feed speed can be divided into tune.

    Can be unified regulation or adjusted individually.

    Wire structure improved, long-coated wire is not blocked.

    Evaporation tank one-piece design, the cooling is good, does not leak, easy to clean.

    Improved design of a negative electrode, low loss stable evaporation.

    5 Vacuum system

    Use rotary vane pumps, low noise, small vibration, smoke less.

    Roots pump use vacuum sealed motor, no dynamic seals, no leaks.

    Frequency start, energy and efficiency, no impact on the grid.

    6 Control system

    Siemens centralized control system, PROFIBUS, HMI, PLC control.

    German original Siemens servo drive system, four motor constant tension control, stable operation.

    High-precision digital power regulator evaporator, stable and accurate.