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    Product Name:High Vacuum metalized machine Description details

  1. Details:

  2. 1 The control unit - Siemens motion controller

    Advantage: fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, communication failure is low. Grid shared bus, unwinding with a power recovery function, energy saving is obvious. 

    2 Winding system

    A. Same side retractable roll, the real area of evaporation quarter.

    Advantages: high pumping efficiency, low energy consumption, high speed and stable operation.


    B. Siemens Servo four motors system, retractable roll directly connected.

    Advantages: control fine, running stable tension.


    C. The partition 90 degree turn, move the paddle water circulation.

    Advantages: clean-up time is greatly reduced, low labor intensity, good cooling effect.


    D. Spreader rollers angle and height both can be adjust, Arm does not shake.

    Advantages: different substrate width adjustment easier and ensure that the film flattening no abrasions.

    3 Evaporation System

    A. One type evaporator tank, no welding. Equipped with a quick release connector plate for aluminum slag.

    Diffusion pump is located below the evaporation tank

    Advantages: cooling good, long-term use of non-disclosure; clean up quick and easy.

    Easy get high vacuum


    B. Wire feeding pipe: pipe out of tank, wire no deviation.

    4 Vacuum system

    A. Using vacuum sealed motor, no dynamic seal structure, long term use does not leak.


    B. pipe concise, compact, high pumping efficiency, saving energy.


    C. No need oil booster pump, great energy savings.


    D. Use Switzerland INFICON vacuum gauges, precision, long life. At the same time improve the multi-point detection, vacuum the saver.